The Block chain Startups Transforming Global Communication


While it has become commonplace to view and accept these digital policies that, in practice, only offer a proposal to take or to leave, each of these acceptance keys is a further step in waiving our rights to privacy and our personal rights for data that can actually be much more valuable than we think. Facebook’s privacy scandals illustrate the fact that personal data has become a valuable commodity in the digital age. The latest allegation against the social network was to have given more than 150 companies much greater access to personal data than they had previously disclosed And this revelation follows a series of others that began almost a year ago when we learned that Cambridge Analytics, a political consulting firm, had used Facebook data to influence the 2016 presidential campaign.

The Dream – Secure, Safe Communication

Affordable and quick communication, combined with the protection of our privacy, would result in the best of both worlds. Decentralization can be the solution. Uncensored communication, personal cloud servers, and the provision of private data would allow users to regain control of their privacy and personal data. Block chain technology could revolutionize the way we talk, from basic texting to large interconnected communities, and some startups use the best of decentralization for future communications.

Revolutionary Block chain Startups

Freedom House, an independent surveillance group based in the United States, said Internet freedom had declined for the eighth consecutive year in 2018 as more and more governments tightened control of their citizens’ web-based activities. Irrespective of the agenda, a number of civilians are monitored and censored on social media. Once governments have such power, it’s not a big step for them to start using it to orchestrate influence campaigns and manipulate society.

The Indian government recently proposed introducing a policy that would require companies to remove any content deemed inappropriate by the authorities. Such censorship efforts will be much more difficult to implement in the decentralized world. Mainframe is a privacy platform and an example of a company seeking to establish secure communications. Users can send and receive private messages over a network designed to prevent data censorship. Only the user with the correct keys can unlock the data. The Block chain is decentralized, transparent and open, but you can move the encrypted data responsibly. The decentralized structure is based on hundreds or even thousands of, in some ways, it is much more private.

Interconnected Communities and Cloud Servers for Individuals

The idea of a community has transformed since the late nineties. Urbit provides users with their own personal cloud servers that can connect to each other. These servers can store data, run software, connect to other users, and do just about anything their users want. Indeed, individuals will be able to own their own digital land and register it in one of the hundreds of possible communities. In this way, the user can meet new people in his star system, a social network he will find and join his cloud server while being able to search the content he wants. And the incentive for users to switch to these new platforms and create content will come from startups like Cent, which will directly reward contributors. Unlike the majority of social media networks that collect data from users while generating revenue through advertising, the founders of Cent said that the community needed to determine the value of the content they create and reward it with payments.

The platform currently allows its users to ask questions offering monetary rewards or bonuses to anyone providing the best answers or contributions. Max Brody, Founder, and CEO of Cent said that since most Cent interactions are done through small financial transactions, it’s easy to take a small percentage of each transaction as income. Over 10,000 users, however, at the moment are not looking to make money. These numbers are expected to change soon.

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