Some of the Best Cash Back Credit Card in Taiwan

Some of the Best Cash Back Credit Card in Taiwan

Taiwan differs from most of its Asian neighbors in that it enjoys a robust economy, where a higher per capita income and better income equality earn its citizens the right to more affluent and well-heeled lifestyles. Credit card have been the one-stop solution to help meet the economic needs of populations with such a heightened capacity for spending.

Discerning the best credit card that suits your requirements perfectly goes a long way in helping you keep your finances in order. If you are someone who is looking to get yourself a credit card but are in a quandary as to which one of the umpteen different cards out there you should opt for, the simple solution is to address the two main concerns – 1) what sort of benefits you’re looking to derive out of your credit card and 2) which card helps you in doing exactly so! With that in mind, let’s address these very questions in a bid to find the best cash back credit card in Taiwan for you!

The Sort of Benefits you expect from a Credit Card

Travel and High Life Extravagances

For all those with a penchant for traveling and habitual indulgences in activities conventionally exclusive to the creme de la creme of society (we’re talking state of the art nine-hole action), a PRESTIGE Credit Card is the way to go!  Cards that let you redeem points for air tickets, earn discounts on luxury accommodations all over the world and even gain complimentary travel insurance are fall under this category.

Entertainment Binges

If you count yourself as either a movie, music, theatre or even stand up aficionado, then opting for a credit card with the added perk known as the ONE plus ONE feature – which guarantees massive discounts on every ticket you purchase, ensures you get the bang for your buck.

Shop-Till-You-Drop Sprees

Designed specially to suit the needs of shopaholics, there exist a variety of Taiwanese credit cards today that offer twice the number of points just for shopping from a popular store/mall. Identifying your likes and preferences before will set you up perfectly to choose the right credit card.

Singling out the right Credit Card

Now that you have an idea of the sort of benefits you would like to gain out of your credit card, the only thing that’s left, is to choose one that does exactly so. Mentioned below are the latest credit card offerings from some of the most popular banks in Taiwan.

The Citibank Cash Back Platinum Card

With this card, you can earn a minimum of 0.5% cash points upto even 1.5%, on all day-to-day expenditures such as gas, grocery, etc.

The HSBC Cash Back Platinum Credit Card

The platinum cash back credit card from HSBC offers 0.5% to 1% cash back points that never expire, on every single transaction. You can choose to either collect these points for future use or even arrange for them to be automatically deducted from your upcoming billing statement each month.

The Citibank Cashback Infinite Card

Offering up to 0.88% on domestic retail expenditures to about 1.5% on overseas retail purchases, the Citibank Cashback Infinite card also gets you complimentary travel insurance for upto $3,600,000 as well as free parking at the Taoyuan International Airport for 4 occasions in a year.

The HSBC Advance Cashback Card

With the HSBC Advance Cashback card, one can avail as much as 1.25% on all online purchases as well as the unique feature of 0.8% credit cashback on purchases done on your birth date. This means, if you were born on the 2nd of June, all you’ve got to do is to just shop on the 2nd of any given month in order to earn 0.8% cash back points each time.

The Citi Prestige Credit Card

This card is ideal for those infected with the travel bug and also golf aficionados. Apart from the usual bevy of benefits, one also avails 24-hour lounge access and concierge facilities globally.

The Citi PremierMiles (Premium World) Card

This card affords customers a lot of exclusive features including frequent flier miles (applicable for over 60 leading airlines) that never expire during the course of membership and hotel accommodations at over 5000 hotels around the globe. The card also offers complimentary airport pickup services for 4 occasions in a year as well as unlimited VIP lounge access at airports worldwide.