Sleeping less than 5 hours a day? If yes, your heart is probably at risk!

Sleeping less than 5 hours a day? If yes, your heart is probably at risk!

Lack of Sleep can cause

It is now proven that men in their middle ages with sleep less than five hours at night can have double the risk of cardiovascular diseases in their old age. The busy lifestyle of people coupled with the desire to earn more is grabbing their number of hours of sleep, which will eventually result in a severe heart problem in their future. Other than heart ailments, these people are also having the high chances of blood pressure, diabetes, obesity and other disorders due to inadequate sleep.

There was a recent study 

that focused on the sleeping patterns of 800 men that are aged 50 years. These men were divided into four groups based on their sleep timings as five or less hours per night, six hours, seven to eight hours, and more than eight hours. They were followed for 21 years and their cardiovascular events like heart attack, stroke and death were recorded. This study clearly proved than men with five or less than five hours of sleep are having the increased risk compared to the other three groups, and they were likely to have less physical activity and smoking.

The study also

proved that the chances for major cardiovascular diseases in the men with five or less hours of sleep per night are increased two-fold by the age of 71 years. The level of risk associated with the lack of sleep is almost similar to that of smoking of diabetes at age 50 years. However, the study did not conclude that sleeping more will reduce the chances of risk or short sleep leads directly to heart diseases but clearly emphasizes that enough sleep is necessary for healthy living.

Cardiovascular diseases are the principal cause of deaths around the world, and the number is gradually increasing with the changing lifestyles of the people. In the United States alone almost 300,000 people die of heart-related ailments every year. The increasing cases of diabetes, obesity, smoking and lack of exercise may also result in the heart disorders. The recent improvements in the healthcare and pharmaceuticals have encouraged the leading players to invest more in the drug discovery and treatment procedures for these diseases.

According to the statistics of the World Health Organization,

cardiovascular diseases are in the first position of causing death around the world. More than 17 million people died from these diseases in 2016, and it accounted for 31% of the global mortality cases. Coronary heart disease is the most common type of cardiovascular disease that accounted for 7.4 million deaths, followed by heart stroke that caused the death of almost 6.7 million people globally. Around 75% of these deaths were recorded in the countries with the low and middle level of incomes.

Along with the risk factors like

tobacco, obesity, unhealthy lifestyle, lack of physical exercises, and more intake of alcohol, the recent study also confirmed that the inadequacy in the sleep habits can also increase the risk of cardiovascular diseases, especially in men. In addition, diabetes, hypertension and high blood lipids can also cause the heart attacks and strokes, which can be addressed with the help of proper drug treatment. The increasing luxuries of the humans are pushing them hard to sacrifice their sleep to earn more, which is augmenting the risk of several chronic ailments.

The increasing advancements in the technology

can help in the early detection of heart disorders and suggest proper treatment to control the further damage. Several new drugs are being introduced in the market to control the risk factors causing the cardiovascular diseases and the after effects. Improved lifestyle with physical activities, meditation, reduced consumption of alcohol and tobacco, and a healthy diet can drastically decrease the chances of heart-related diseases and premature deaths. On the whole, it is necessary to have a proper sleep pattern to avoid the risks of cardiovascular diseases in the future.

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