Why is ReactJS becoming so popular among developers?

Why is ReactJS becoming so popular among developers

In recent years, the popularity of React JS has skyrocketed over all its other popular competitors. With some of the biggest applications in the world – Facebook, Netflix, Instagram and the like, using React JS to make breakthroughs in their technology by adapting to new frameworks and trends, React JS is definitely worth delving into.

The origins of React JS

The first-ever application of React was in the Facebook News feedback in 2011, after being developed by a software engineer named Jordan Walke, who worked at Facebook. It has become immensely popular, not only as a developing tool but also serving as a library for front-end developers involved in the building of user interfaces for applications. One of the factors behind React’s success, is its versatility, in that it takes nothing for granted by making unnecessary assumptions. Everything is streamlined for developers to experiment as much as possible.

Reasons for its Popularity

  • The Virtual DOM

Every developer knows the complexities of building detailed and sophisticated user interfaces. Working with the DOM API can seem pretty daunting for not only developers in the early stages of their careers, but also experienced ones.

React differs from its competitors, in that it makes use of the concept of a Virtual DOM. This Virtual DOM is more efficient at rendering nodes as well as quicker at it.

  • It’s Exponential Growth

Recent trends indicate that employers are seeking out developers with ReactJS skills. Thus career prospects for those with expertise in developing applications with React are higher than others. Having said that, on-going trends are just the tip of the iceberg. With tools such as React Native, which allows developers to use JavaScript and React for building user interfaces in mobile applications, and React VR, which lets developers construct virtual reality frameworks using nothing but conventional web tools, anybody with even the slightest knowledge of React is sure to have a chance to make it big in the industry.

The areas in which ReactJS Excels over its counterparts

  • Adaptability

Every DOM project in React has an equivalent virtual DOM, which can be defined as a virtual imprint of the original DOM project. React’s adaptability in terms of being able to make changes to the virtual DOM faster than making changes to the original DOM is another factor that adds to its attraction among the developer community.

The use of one-way data binding that has a special application architecture called Flux, allows React to automatically update the view after the virtual DOM compares the new data (updates by the developer) with the original DOM.

  • It’s Declarative Nature

Another crucial feature of React JS – the declarative views, make things easier for developers by making their code easier to debug and more readable. This allows for the creation of extremely interactive and dynamic user interfaces for web and mobile applications. All a developer has to do is to create simple views for every stage of their application and React takes care of the rest by updating and rendering just the required components, depending on the data they changed.

  • You’re almost there if you already know Javascript

For those with a pre-existing knowledge of Javascript, learning the ropes to React will take next to no time. It is said that it would take no more than a day for a person proficient at JavaScript to get up-to-date with React. React already has a thriving community of developers dedicated to its workings. A substantial library, which makes building user interfaces easier is also making its rounds online.

The Future of ReactJS

Although it is well worth your time learning the ropes to React, at this present time, it doesn’t hurt to bear in mind that Reacts successor – React Fiber, is slated for release by Facebook. React’s successor will apparently be more responsive and at the same time also exhibit backward compatibility with your already existing React projects.

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