Pros and Cons Of Living In An Evolving Technological World

Pros and Cons Of Living In An Evolving Technological World

Technology is taking over our world and we are living in an age where most or all of us use technological devices every day. From mobile phones, to iPads, to laptops and TVs, we’re constantly using technology. There are even forms of technology that we use during our sleep such as fitness watches that track our sleep and others.

But what are the effects of living in a technological world? There’s no denying that we love each and every new technological advance, but here are some positive and negative effects of using technology every day that you should know.

Positive Effects

Learning has never been easier

Education used to be something that only the elite had access to, but with the internet holding all the knowledge you could possibly need, and internet access on a whole range of devices, learning has become easier.

There are thousands of websites and applications solely dedicated to sharing information with people, and teaching youngsters new things. With so many technological resources, there’s no excuse for lack of knowledge anymore. If you have access to a technological device, you’ve got access to all the information you could ever need.

As for accessing a device, this doesn’t even have to be costly anymore. Devices have become so well used, that you can buy devices such as kindles, iPads and even laptops for next to nothing. Technology is advancing, and if you know where to look, it’s also the cheapest it’s ever been. Plus, if money is the issue, most libraries and educational institutions have their own devices that you can use for free.

We can talk to anyone, anywhere, any time

Easy communication is perhaps the best advantage of living in a technological world. Long distance friendships, relationships and work collaborations can all thrive with 24-hour access to instant messaging sites and applications.

We can send messages, have phone calls and even video chats with anyone we like, no matter where they are in the world, and without having to worry about racking up a huge phone bill thanks to Wi-Fi support globally.

Negative Effects

Some of us become too dependent on technology

Technology is so incredibly easy to use, that we can find ourselves becoming dependent on it for even the smallest tasks.

If we have questions or problems that need solving, we might find that rather than trying to find answers for ourselves, and learning in the process of doing so, we simply rely on Google to tell us what we’re looking for. Basically, it’s easy to be lazy.

Many might find that their social lives are social media bound. We spend so much time on social media sites, socializing and communicating, which can make us lose touch with real life socializing skills. Talking and making friends from behind a screen is much easier than feigning confidence in face to face situations. Sometimes people with the biggest online presence struggle in person, without the help of a technological wall. This can even lead to further problems, like isolation.

There are also extreme forms of internet dependence that can occur. We all enjoy a scroll through Facebook or a flick through some trashy article, but those that become dependent on the internet might mindlessly scroll for hours, and struggle to be away from some technological device or another for any period of time.

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