All You Need To Know About The Mobile Artificial Intelligence (AI)

Mobile Artificial Intelligence

Mobile Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence is also sometimes called as machine Intelligence. The mobile AI market for AR/VR applications is anticipated to raise at the utmost rate in the future. The development of the mobile Artificial Intelligence market can be attributed to the growing advantages of the artificial intelligence, capable processors for use in mobile devices, increase in cognitive computing, and rising number of Artificial Intelligence applications. Furthermore, dedicated low-cost Artificial Intelligence chips for camera and vision applications in mobile devices and increasing demand for edge computing in IoT are generating huge growth opportunities for players in the market. Aspects such as premium pricing of Artificial Intelligence processors and limited number of experts are restraining the market growth.

The global mobile Artificial Intelligence market is likely to reach USD 17.84 billion by 2023 from USD 5.12 billion in 2018, and expected to grow at a CAGR of 28.42% over the next few years. Improvements in Artificial Intelligence have contributed to the growth of the automotive industry through the creation and evolution of self-driving vehicles. By way of 2016, there are over 30 companies utilizing AI into the creation of driverless cars. A few companies involved with Artificial Intelligence contain Google, Apple and Tesla.

AR and VR, coupled with Artificial Intelligence, will provide smarter, appropriate, and personalized experience. For example, in the month of July 2017, Microsoft announced the next generation of its mixed reality HoloLens headset HoloLens 2 which will have a dedicated Artificial Intelligence coprocessor also known as the Holographic Processing Unit (HPU). Qualcomm, in the month of February 2018, announced its Snapdragon 845 VR headset reference design to fuel next-generation VR experience. Mobile Artificial Intelligence market for smartphone applications to record largest shipment in 2018.

Growing demand for actual-time speech and voice recognition and examination, beside with technical improvements in smartphone image recognition, is driving the growth of the market for Artificial Intelligence processors in smartphones. On-device Artificial Intelligence uses dedicated AI chipsets that will become prominent in all flagship smartphones in the near future. It is estimated that the use of dedicated AI chips in smartphones will rise substantially by 2023, and these chips will be accessible in most smartphones sold in the upcoming years. All these aspects are contributing to the growth of the mobile Artificial Intelligence market for smartphone applications.

Mobile Artificial Intelligence market for 20–28nm technology nodes to raise at highest rate in the coming years. The AI market for robotics, drones and surveillance cameras, in which vision processing units are used, is expected to raise at a significant rate in the nearby future. Processors such as VPU Jetson and S32V234 are built upon 20–28nm technology nodes. The processors are mainly used in an array of applications along with drones, security cameras, Robotics and PCS, ADAS, and AR/VR headsets. Growing participation of several automotive and IT giants to grow autonomous cars is propelling the growth of the mobile Artificial Intelligence market for autonomous driving.

Asia-Pacific to become the leading region of Mobile Artificial Intelligence market by the year 2023. APAC is becoming the center of attraction for major investments as it holds important business expansion opportunities. Several Artificial Intelligence processor start-ups in China are rising funds to grow in the mobile AI market. For instance, ThinkForce (China) raised up around USD 68 million, and DeePhi (China) raised up around USD 40 million. In addition, the rising government spending to boost the AI network in China is projected to further contribute to market growth in the future. Currently, Mobile Artificial Intelligence (AI) Market has been mainly conquered by North America, followed by Europe.

Some of the major players in the mobile Artificial Intelligence market are Huawei, Samsung Electronics, Qualcomm, Intel, NVIDIA, Apple, IBM, Microsoft, MediaTek, and Google. Geographically, Mobile Artificial Intelligence (AI) Market has been divided into the areas like Europe, North America, Asia-pacific, Latin America, and Rest of the World.

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