Mobile Applications Make Our Lives Simple And Convenient

Mobile Applications Make Our Lives Simple And Convenient

Software applications that are designed to run on tablets, smart phones, and other mobile devices are called as mobile applications. In this era of faster technological developments, these applications have become one of the essential tools that we use every day in our professional and personal lives. The applications help our today’s society including education, communication, entertainment, business, medical, finance, travel, utilities, social, and transportation.

Apple Inc. opened its App store in July 2008 which is first application distribution service. This has pushed boundaries of standards for applications distribution services for various mobile companies. This led to consumers using their smart mobile devices or smart phones as a way of connecting to the internet. On the other hand, mobile phones started to be known as smartphone due to their various functionalities. Mobile software and app developers realized that they could take mobile website capabilities up with new applications called mobile applications. The applications will have the same functions and capabilities as websites designed for a desktop or laptop. The websites were made compatible, so that they can be accessed by mobile devices also. This led to a plethora of mobile applications being developed and implemented.

The word “app” was observed as the “word of the year” by the American Dialect Society (2011) in 2010. In initial stages of mobile applications, they were only developed for essential purposes such as calendars, stock market, email, contacts, as well as weather information. Increased demand from users led to mobile applications being used in factory automation, banking, mobile games, ticket purchases, and order-tracking. Increased utilization of smart mobile applications can be effectively beneficial, particularly in automobile travel mode to reduce cost, travel time, and vehicle emissions. In the end, this would make travel safer and living environments healthier and greener. Future research needs to compare ac curacies of the applications and provide guidelines for selecting them for certain transportation related applications.

Technological developments in telecommunications, adoption of smart phones and increased coverage by network providers are the factors propelling market for apps globally. Google Play for Android, App Store for IOS and Microsoft Store for Windows operating systems, these are the major application providers for respective platforms. Most of the app developers and app publishers develop their application for all platforms to reach the maximum costumers and better productivity. Google Play Store was opened for public in October 2008. By the year 2013, 50 Billion downloads were made on the play store. Microsoft Store was started in 2012, for its two platforms windows 8 and windows RT. There are other online application stores available which include Amazon Appstore, BlackBerry World, Samsung Apps, F-Droid, and Opera Mobile Store. Though these mobile application stores are available online users prefer official app stores in most of the cases.

Mobile Application development has become a profession and a business. Most of the organizations, services such as e-commerce, public forums, email services and other services have been interested to introduce their application on all of the available platforms. This makes their business available for remote users, thus supporting e-commerce market. Initially e-commerce services were available only for desktop browsers. After mobile applications become popular, e-commerce websites started service on mobile phones of different platforms.

Global Mobile Applications Market Analysis:

Global Mobile Applications market is estimated to reach USD 94.15 Billion by the 2024 owing to supporting factors such as technological developments in mobile communications and networking. Growing internet users, increasing manufacturing, and rising demand for smart phones of various platforms are also expected to support the market growth. Android applications segment is predicted to be the leading segment in various platforms with estimated share of 45% by the end of 2024. With the increasing young populations and investments in the technology, the Asia Pacific region offers great potential for the market growth in the coming years.

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