Huawei’s New AI Camera to Revolutionize Surveillance

Huawei's Camera Technology

Huawei’s New AI Camera to Revolutionize Surveillance

If you have ever tried video production or even filmed with a smartphone, you will know that keeping the subject in the frame can be a challenge in the best conditions. Whether you record vlogs and interviews or preserve your child’s first steps with a smartphone, mistakes can and do occur. No matter what you’re filming, a newly launched Chinese smart camera could helpfully eliminate the camera workload of your next project. Osbot Tail, which just launched at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas, is a 360-degree gimbal camera system that tracks a person and keeps them in the center of the image even while they are on the move.

The tracking system is not just the standard face tracking found on most smartphones. Instead, it is a more advanced system using A.I. algorithm that recognizes not only the faces but also the shape and posture of the body, allowing extremely accurate tracking, panning, and tilting. Osbot’s tail, once locked on a person, can follow them with ease as they are moving. The camera is also able to recognize people, and hardly ever gets confused even when if that person is standing behind another person or when someone crosses the frame. Even more impressive, the camera on trials was able to follow an NBA player in the field in a crowd on television. There are very few, if any, other consumer products that can track subjects with this degree of accuracy.

Huawei’s Advanced Algorithms

The Tail is able to do all this because it is powered by Kirin HiSilicon 3559A. If you follow the news on smartphone, the name Kirin may sound familiar: it is the SoC (systems-on-chip) Huawei, and the HiSilicon 3559A uses an enlarged version of the NPU (integrated neural processing unit) integrated many of its flagship phones since last year. Even more than the NPU found in Huawei’s mobile devices, the HiSilicon 3559A excels in the treatment of vision and object detection.

You can use the camera independently (you can ask it to follow and start shooting with hand gestures), but it is better to pair it with the associated application, which opens a whole range of shooting options, including the ability to zoom or pan or shoot accelerated videos, etc. The footage of the camera is said to be excellent, and especially stable, but a notch below the shooting with an SLR or even a camera without a mirror. The camera system is a Sony system with 10 optical lenses capable of optical zoom up to 3.5X. It can record videos up to 4K / 60fps or stills of 12 megapixels.

Revolutionary Camera Technology

The camera system was designed by Osbot. The camera can record videos with a resolution of up to 4K at 60 frames per second. The most obvious use case for this camera would be budding influencers who need to be filmed but who may not have anyone to help them film. But one can see how the camera can transform entertainment, sports and a variety of other fields altogether.

The tail can shoot up to 150 minutes with a single charge and the battery is charged via USB-C. There is no internal storage or microphone, so what one will have to do is, they will need to connect an SD card and an external microphone (via the 3.5mm port) to record videos. OsThe Tail will start selling through crowdfunding starting at $ 499 on January 15th. It will be available later in stores around the world, but the retail price has not been decided. This camera is sure to take the market by storm, because of the sheer number of industries and people it can be used by. Its price range will also be a major concern. With its multipurpose abilities, the best thing is to avoid overpricing it.

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