Competition Among Chinese Smartphone Brands Heats Up With upcoming MWC

Competition Among Chinese Smartphone Brands Heats Up With upcoming MWC

Vivo announced a follow-up to the Apex at a press conference in Beijing recently. And at the end of next month, the phone will be presented to a global audience at the MWC. It is safe to say that the phone will not generate the same external shock as the original device, because, at the time, the phone will be in public consciousness for over a month. Vivo would have liked to be able to unveil the phone for the first time on a world stage like the CMM instead of a local press conference, but this is not a normal time. Currently, smartphone brands, especially those of Chinese middle class, are fighting each other and stealing the show. This happened for the first-time last August when Honor and Xiaomi embarked on a semi-public war of online words about the identity of the one who had launched the idea of ​​a sliding-screen phone. screen. Honor was so eager to unveil its phone before Xiaomi, it showed on stage an unfinished camera that the media did not have the right to touch at IFA Berlin. A few hours later, probably upset that Honor had prematurely shown an unfinished product, Xiaomi chairman Lin Bin shared a photo of his company’s sliding keypad on Weibo. These two advertising operations took place a month and a half before the official launch of the phones in late October.

The Race For Announcing First

Then, last month, Honor did the same thing when it pre-announced the Honor View 20 in a small event in Hong Kong, just to defeat Samsung’s launch of a similar two-hour phone. Once again, the View 20 announced that the day was not over and that the back was fully covered and could not be seen or touched by the media. Honor basically announced half a phone that day. This is the kind of aggressive behavior that Chinese phone brands are now engaging in. A year or two ago, phone brands could announce new models, when they thought they were ready, in an appropriate setting. Online leaks were the brands’ only concern for the lost buzz.

Now, brands must not only fight against leaks but must also watch over their backs to ensure that other Chinese brands do not reduce their enthusiasm. That’s exactly what happened recently when Meizu surprised many by announcing a phone very similar to the Apex 2019. Meizu did not even bother to organize an event. It seemed like a hastily organized event just to beat Vivo at the news of claiming a “world’s first”. Many smartphone aficionados from across the world are convinced that Vivo’s device will be better, but its headlines have been ripped off. The space reserved for smartphones was already the most competitive consumer industry in the world and 2019 is set to be even crazier, with the battle between Chinese smartphone brands expected to intensify and become fiercer than ever before.

The Battle For Foldable and 5G Phones

After the battle for phones with holes in the screen and no buttons, the next goals will be foldable phones and 5G phones. The buzz race for the foldable phone has already begun, while Lin Bin of Xiaomi shared on Weibo recently, a video of the prototype of a foldable phone in working order. If Huawei / Honor is actually working on a project as well, it is certain there will be another race to see who can unveil first. Expect half-releases earlier, photos of social media phones a few months before they’re ready to hit the store shelves and last-minute online streaming ads. This fierce competition has been witnessed in numerous other industries in the past. History teaches us that this sort of rivalry is healthy. This is what happens when brands strive to be competitive: we, the consumers, are winners.

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