Apple, Facebook, and YouTube banned Alex Jones’s Infowars network

Apple, Facebook, and YouTube banned Alex Jones’s Infowars network

Infowars is provoking the citizens of the United States of America with their false information and conspiration theories on multiple issues. This move of Alex Jones, which is against the policies like hate speech and harassment or other violations of publishing platforms such as Apple, Facebook, YouTube, Spotify and others has resulted in the termination of all the available accounts of the Infowars network.

Some of the false theories of Alex Jones are Sandy Hook elementary school massacre was never happened, the terrorist attacks on September 11 were commenced by the government of USA, Hollywood and DC giants behind global pedophilia network and so on. Initially, companies like Facebook and Spotify tried to respect the free speech option of Alex Jones by deleting only those posts that are against their policies by keeping the pages and channels active. However, the huge step of Apple to ban all the Infowars content encouraged other publishers to follow the same.

A lawsuit was also filed against him by the parents of a victim in Sandy hook incident. Stitcher is the first audio streaming application that has taken down all the content of Alex Jones on last Thursday. But it was on Saturday night, Apple banned all Infowars music from iTunes, which was followed by several other content publishers. YouTube was apparently the last streaming website that banned all the channels related to Alex Jones and Infowars including his personal channel with 2.4 million subscribers.

Earlier on Monday, Facebook removed all the four pages of Infowars and Alex Jones, which includes the Alex Jones Channel Page, the Alex Jones Page, the InfoWars Page and the Infowars Nightly News Page. The social media platform has also suspended the personal account of Alex Jones. However, the Twitter account of Jones is still active as there were no postings that are against the policies of the website. It is through his account Jones tweeted that all his fans can access the live streams directly from Infowars website that cannot be banned by anyone.

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