5G Technology To Soon Rewrite The Definition Of High-Speed Data Connectivity

5G Technology

The technological advancements in telecommunications has also triggered rapid growth in the use of data-heavy services and applications, which resulted in demand for reliable and faster connections around the world. It is the demand that has prompted many companies and tech giants in the cellular industry to focus on the research and development of the next generation mobile network, 5G. This 5G Technology refers to 5th Generation of mobile network technology. 5G mobile technology has been developed the means to utilize smart phones within range of very high bandwidth. Any network user has never experienced such advanced technology in telecommunications. Presently, smart mobile or smart device users have greater awareness of the cell phone technology. The 5G technology includes various advanced features which makes it most powerful and register huge demand in near future. 5th generation technology facilitates various features, which are beneficial for all group of people including engineers, doctors, governing bodies, teachers, administrative bodies, students, and common man.

For accessing high-speed 5G network, user may need specialized hardware which can communicate and transfer data within the bandwidth range. Major telephone brands such as Sony Ericson, Samsung, Nokia, ZTE and others are contributing their efforts to develop economically available hardware for their upcoming mobile phones for 5G network support.

There are various advantages of 5G technology. Those include

  • It can provide high-speed data connection of up to 25 Mbps.
  • 5G enables the expanded connectivity and enhanced quality of telecommunications.
  • 5G technology is providing wide range of broadcasting of data in Gigabit which facilitating around 65,000 connections.
  • The high quality services of 5G technology are based on government policy to avoid error.
  • Ease of control compared to the previous generations in mobile networks.
  • Possible to provide uninterrupted and consistent connectivity all over the globe.
  • Technology to collect all of available networks on a single platform.
  • Support for virtual private network (VPN).

Academic and Medical sectors needs greater speed and uninterrupted data connection for delivering high quality services. 5G provides them with ease.

Also, there are little drawbacks in implementing of 5G networks; which include

  • Need for greater developments in technology in telecommunication.
  • Need for compatible devices. Only devices with specialized hardware can support this technology.
  • Expensive costs of development of infrastructure.
  • Security and other privacy issues.

5th generation technology is developed to offer moderated and advanced data capabilities, unrestrained call volumes and vast data broadcast within the latest mobile operating system. Therefore, it is more intelligent technology, which interconnects the globe beyond the limits. Similarly, our world might have continuous and universal access to communication, information, as well as entertainment which opens a new dimension to our lives and changes our lifestyle efficiently.

Samsung holds the major portion of 5G patents.

Tech giant and electronic manufacturer, Samsung holds over 600 patents related to 5G technology. Intel, Nokia, Huawei, Ericson and ZTE are following Samsung in the list. Samsung has already rolled out their commercial versions of end-to-end 5G mobile network products and solutions, home routers, RF integrated Circuit (RFIC) Chipset (5G) and ASIC modems. In addition, QualComm, Intel, Nokia, Ericson, and ZTE have their own strategies for making the world powered with 5G in near future.

A Short Detail on 5G Infrastructures Market Forecast:

5G infrastructures market is predicted to be worth USD 2.8 Billion by the year 2020. It is further forested to reach USD 33.7 Billion by the year 2026 with whopping CAGR of 50.9% owing to factors such as technological developments, increasing need and demand for high speed connectivity, and growing concerns towards deploying better communication networks. Reportedly positive trends of the market are facilitating the opportunity for new industries to emerge in the 5G Infrastructures Market.

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